Microsoft Certified - Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-104) Study Guide

The Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification enables you to learn how to implement, manage, and monitor your or your organization’s Microsoft Azure environment while leveraging the tools and services available on Azure. This is an intermediate level certification, so I would recommend you to set aside some time to study for the exam and practice using some of the services related to this exam - ‘Practice makes perfect

In this study guide, I will share with you some of the useful resources you can use to guide you during your learning path to get this certification.

This study guide is aligned with the content changes implemented on September 24, 2021. To understand the content changes done, please visit this link and download the exam skills outline.

Certification Path

Exam Name Link
Exam AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator Exam Details

Exam AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator

The AZ-104 has a length of two hours. There are 50+ questions and you need a minimum of 700 of 1000 points to pass the exam.

The first place to go is the Microsoft Learn platform where a dedicated learning path is available, for free. Also, you should have a look at the Resources section in this study guide where you have useful resources to help you consolidate the knowledge that will help you get the exam and certification. If you prefer to watch videos, instead of reading, explaining these core concepts, and showing how to get prepared for the exam, then I invite you to have a look at the Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-104), available on Pluralsight.

Skills measured

Manage Azure identities and governance (15–20%)

Manage Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) objects

Manage role-based access control (RBAC)

Implement and manage storage (15–20%)

Secure storage

Manage storage

Configure Azure files and Azure Blob Storage

Deploy and manage Azure compute resources (20–25%)

Automate deployment of virtual machines (VMs) by using Azure Resource Manager templates

Configure VMs

Create and configure containers

Create and configure Azure App Service

Configure and manage virtual networking (25–30%)

Implement and manage virtual networking

Secure access to virtual networks

Configure load balancing

Monitor and troubleshoot virtual networking

Integrate an on-premises network with an Azure virtual network

Monitor and back up Azure resources (10–15%)

Monitor resources by using Azure Monitor

Implement backup and recovery

Additional resources

Below follows the list of additional resources that you should consider and a quick note to the Microsoft Learn collection shared there. I tried to extend the learning paths you have available on the exam’s page with some extra modules that I consider relevant to the exam.

Best of Luck and share your results with the community once you get certified! 😊💪


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