Working With WordPress: Part One (Start With Plugin Development)

In this article we will discuss how to install Wordpress and move further in starting with creating a demo plugin. Here, we will not code our plugin, just add small descriptive information to our plugin. 
Here we will start with installing Wordpress,
1. Download latest version from the following websites:

Click download button and download start.

       2. Extract download folder and put into htdocs below screen,

Run this folder into your server like xampp and wamp etc shows fist screen during the installation of wordpress,
Then choose language and click continue button,

Second screen click let go.
Next screen when clicked,  let's go,
First of all,

To create database into your phpmyadmin, 

Click create button,

Fill database information,

Click submit button,
Click Run the install buttonand the next screen will show personal details like site name and admin information please fill information and click install wordpress button.
Now finally install wordpress into your system, 

Show admin information,
Wordpress plugin : 

Plugin means the set of functions which are used to add a specific set of features, add new feature of wordpress plugin and modify wordpress admin panel . Worpdress plugin extends new feature in wordpress.  The code of wordpress plugin code is flexible and understandable .

The popularity of Wordpress is increasing day by day. It is not just a blogging platform but it also acts as a Basic Content Management System(CMS).Thus due to its extending functionality Wordpress has become a neccessity for developers. Further the developers have added their initiative to customize the functionality by adding plugins. These plugins are basically a small piece of code which can be executed on different pages or sections.

In today's tutorial we will learn how to create a wordpress plugin which will extract and display products from an external OSCommerce database.

Firstly we will describe the file structure of a plugin and where it should be included in the wordpress structure.Then we will see how to make our plugin visible for wordpress and integrating it with actions which is run by its frame.Then we will create a configuration panel for our plugin.By doing this the site administrator would be allowed to customize his/her needs.After doing this we will implement the front-end functions which will interact with the OSCommerce database nd extract the required data.

Finally the default template will be modified to display the extracted data in the sidebar.

Let's start to create plugin and install at wordpress

Create folder name as helloworld,

Create php file into helloworld folder file name helloworld,
Below code php copy and paste into php on the top, 
  1. <?php   
  2.     /* 
  3.     Plugin Name: hello world 
  4.     Plugin URI: 
  5.     Description: Create plugin 
  6.     Author: bhushan 
  7.     Version: 1.0 
  8.     Author URI: 
  9.     */  
  10. ?>  
Zip plugin folder like helloworld,

When open wordpress admin panel then,
Click plugin->Installed Plugins, 
And then click upload plugin buttion, 


Next screen to upload zip folder and click Activate Plugin like, 

Show my plugin, 

In the next article, we will learn how to code plugins with some functionalities.

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