C# Programming Performance Tips - Part Five - List.Count() Vs List.Count

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In this blog, we will do benchmarking for List.Count() which is a method and List.Count which is a property.

  1. List<string> strs = new List<string>() { "Akshay""Patel""Panth""Patel" };  
  2. Stopwatch watch = new Stopwatch();  
  1. watch.Start();  
  2. int count = strs.Count();  
  3. Console.WriteLine("Count()-{0}", watch.Elapsed);  

  1. watch.Restart();  
  2. int count1 = strs.Count;  
  3. Console.WriteLine("Count - {0}", watch.Elapsed);  


List.Count() vs List.Count

Thus, as we can see, whenever we want to get the count of a list, we should use the List.Count property.