Intel's Ultrabook

2012 is being called the Year of the Ultrabook. Ultrabooks are a new breed of device, inspired by Intel, which combine the best features of a PC in a package which is thinner, lighter and more responsive. Intel has designed an industry-wide blueprint for Ultrabooks.

Ultrabooks are powered by Intel Core processors, so they have the power of a full PC, but they use a special chip which only sips power, so your battery lasts longer and you can stay on the go, and use your notebook like it was intended, for longer. Ultrabooks also take advantage of a bright idea called Intel Turbo Boost technology. Just like the turbo in your car, this cleverly provides a short burst of computing power only when it's needed, allowing the chip to conserve power when it is not.

Current PCs may take a minute or more to wake up from deep sleep.  An Ultrabook takes less than seven seconds---every time.