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Why to use Agile

If anyone wants to know more on Agile, please share your views/comments.

Though sometimes it looks overhead using Agile to people who are either not aware of the benefits or reasons to adopt Agile or don’t want transformation from SDLC to Agile. I’m highlighting a few benefits / reasons which could help adopting Agile. The list could be long. Please feel free to add more,

  1. Accelerate Time to Market.

  2. Better Risk Management / Drive down Risks.

    1. a. Early Defect Detection and Prevention.
    2. Risk Reduction and Quality Improvement.

  3. Improve Customer Involvement.

    1. Early and Continuous Customer Validation
    2. Frequent Feedback.
    3. Excellent Visibility to Stakeholders.

  4. Better and Realistic Planning.

  5. Ability to Manage Change Priorities.

  6. Faster Deliveries and Cheaper Costs.

  7. Collaboration among teams.

    1. Improve Team Morale.
    2. Cross Functional Team.

  8. Early Releases Right Product.

  9. Moreover, Loveable to work with.

So, Be Agile!


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