What's so special about Workflow solutions?

A workflow solution provides the following key abilities

  • Model (visually) the Solution
  • Breakdown into Activities
  • Change Dynamically

What is special about Workflow based solutions?

Without going into the specifics of the Windows Workflow Foundation platform, here are a couple of things that differentiate a workflow based solution.

1. Visual Nature: Traditional solutions (non-workflow) can be implemented for the given requirements but typically lack an overview of the entire process/solution to the creators as well as to the users of these solutions.

2. Breakdown into activities: The implementation logic becomes very clear by the activity breakdown and can hold appeal to a wide spectrum of users.

3. Capability to dynamically modify the execution flow: Real life changes in real-time and the workflow solution allows dynamically changing the execution model.

Link: The Architecture Journal - Build Applications on a Workflow Platform (David Green)