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A bit of AI - Episode 7

Rohit Tomar Noida Chapter 1:30 PM To 2:00 PM IST

Join us on April 22 on the 7th episode of A bit of AI with your host Henk and Amy.

What is it like to work in the field of AI? How do you get started with AI? And what is going on this week? Find out in this 30-minute show hosted by cloud advocates Henk and Amy. In this show, we will enter a conversation with our guest who works with AI daily and challenge you to expand your skillset with a recommended weekly MS Learn module.

This week we have a chat with Ines Montani about her work in AI.


Ines Montani is a developer specializing in tools for AI and NLP technology. She's the co-founder of Explosion and a core developer of spaCy, a popular open-source library for Natural Language Processing in Python, and Prodigy, a modern annotation tool for creating training data for machine learning models.


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