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Artificial Intelligence? – more like Artificial Stupidity! - AMA

Stephen Simon Noida Chapter 10:00 AM To 11:00 AM EDT

Join us on September 17 with Aiko Klostermann on a new episode of Ask Me Anything show.


Nowadays “Artificial Intelligence” is everywhere! And rightly so, it does enable us to do really cool things, things we couldn’t even imagine doing just a decade ago. In fact, it sometimes just feels like magic. This ‘magic’ behind it is often powered by “Machine Learning”. But even “AI” has its limitations.


In this live show, you'll witness where “AI” and ML have failed (sometimes with horrible consequences) and understand why failures are unavoidable in ML but also learn what we can do to reduce them in the future.

Furthermore, you'll witness how current AI implementations discriminate against minorities and how that in some cases even leads to a higher risk of death for those groups.



Aiko works as a consultant and developer for ThoughtWorks.

He is passionate about data science, software craftsmanship, clean code, and infrastructure engineering. While working with clients he focusses on improving the development process and code quality of the teams he’s working with.

Nowadays working in Singapore, Aiko has previously worked with clients in Germany, the UK and India as well. He leveraged Artificial Intelligence to help clients gain a competitive advantage. Recently his focus moved onto infrastructure development for building (data) platforms to better enable client teams.



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Stephen Simon

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