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Azure SQL Edge, an IoT SQL Database - AMA

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Join us on February 4 with the Microsoft Azure SQL Team on live AMA for the Azure SQL Edge,  an IoT SQL Database - AMA


Do you want to know about Azure SQL Edge and dig deeper into this emerging space of IoT and data at the edge? We will go deep into the Azure SQL Edge and find out how it is different than other options. We'll also discuss how Azure SQL Edge works with Azure and Azure IoT Solutions and also how Azure SQL Edge impacting developers and how people build applications with it.  


Sonya Waitman is a Principal Consultant and Founder of Chilco Strategies. She is Holistic marketing and sales consultant with a 20-year career spanning development, marketing, community activation, and sales, Skilled at translating technical jargon into customer stories and sales value propositions.

Sourabh Agarwal is a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry and shipping enterprise database products. He is Skilled in Performance Tuning, Dimensional Modeling, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Requirements Analysis, and Data Migration. 

Vasiya Krishnan (Siya) is a Program/Product Manager for Azure SQL Edge at Microsoft. She has the experience of working as a Product manager for different technologies of Microsoft including Azure CxP, Azure SQL Edge, Universal Store team, and Product Manager at Ford Motor Company as well.

Blake Knight is a Sr Product Marketing Manager, Data, AI, & IoT Edge at Microsoft. He is a Global marketing strategist focused on the commercialization of nascent technologies, product development, partnerships, go-to-market strategies, brand positioning, user experience, trend forecasting, pattern recognition, creative direction, engaging communities, multi-touch campaigns, and general hype.

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Stephen Simon

C# Corner Regional Community Director (India & Asia Pacific Region)

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