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Background Services with Azure Logic Apps and Azure Function - AMA

Stephen Simon Noida Chapter 10:00 AM To 11:00 AM EDT

Join us on August 10 with Kevin Griffin on Ask Me Anything show to learn 21st Century Background Services with Azure Logic Apps and Azure Functions.
How do you handle "background tasks" in your applications? Maybe you build a cronjob or a Windows service to execute some code on a schedule? Maybe you have a background task in your web application?
No matter what you're doing, you are probably building infrastructure to support these background tasks. That can be costly, unreliable, and difficult to debug.
In this presentation, you will be offered an alternative approach to building background services by taking advantage of Azure Logic Apps and Azure Functions. You see real-world scenarios that were implemented and that are running right now!
Kevin Griffin is an author, teacher, mentor, and consultant focusing in software development. He is also an 11-time Microsoft MVP, specializing in ASP.NET and web development. As an independent consultant, Kevin specializes in helping businesses push their technology stacks into the 21st century. You can often find Kevin speaking at conferences and user groups across the country or blogging at 

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Stephen Simon

C# Corner Regional Community Director (India & Asia Pacific Region)

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