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Code Quality/Performance & Application Architecture - AMA

Stephen Simon Noida Chapter 10:00 AM To 11:00 AM PDT

Join us in this episode of Ask Me Anything Series on July 4, 10:00 am PST with David McCarter as he brings his years of experience as a professional software developer to talk about code quality, code performance, and a lot more.
Ask dotNetDave anything! David McCarter is a Microsoft MVP, C# Corner MVP, C# Corner featured writer, author, speaker, and consultant. David has also won many awards, ran a user group for 20 years and is a patented inventor. In this live session, software developers can ask him anything! 
The agenda is up to the people participating in this event. I have been a professional software developer for over 26 years. These are some of my passions that I love to discuss: 
  • Code Quality
  • Code Performance
  • Application Architecture
  • Real Life Stories of Software Development
  • Career Development
  • Advice on becoming a Microsoft MVP
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