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Coffee With Pro's ft. Mahesh Chand

Manish Tewatia C# Corner Webinars 10:00 AM To 11:00 AM EST

C# Corner announced a regular show called "Coffee with Pro's" to be held on each week Sunday 7:30 PM (IST).
Join us for the first Coffee with Pro's with Mahesh Chand on May 31, 2020.
Watch it Live on:
This will be a live conversation with Speaker about their expertise, experience, exciting work they do, audience can ask their questions also.
Queries concerning your registration should be addressed to manish@c-sharpcorner.com or call at +91-9718431042.


Chapter Leader

Manish Tewatia

With more than 7 years of professional experience, Manish is Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategist at C# Corner, India. Having started his career as ...

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