Come Prepared To Canada

Nilesh Shah September 15, 2019 10:00 AM (CT)
This is a free webinar and the webinar host does not intend to sell or market any product or services. This webinar is most suitable for experienced professionals in IT/Software field who are moving to Canada in the near future. If you are an experienced professional in any other field, then also you are welcome to attend. Not suitable for students, not suitable for those who are already in Canada.
Will you be moving to Canada in the near future? Are you an experienced professional in IT/Software development field? Do you want to know which things you should keep in mind while moving to Canada? This webinar is intended to guide those soon-to-be-Canadians so that they can come here better prepared. The format of this webinar will be more of a question-answer session rather than a presentation. You can have your questions about your IT/Software career in Canada answered: * Which are the hottest skills in demand in Canada right now? * What Canadian employers are looking for in a candidate? * How can you get your first job in Canada? * and many more..



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