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JavaScript and The DOM Tree - MVP Show ft. Jin Vincent Necesario

Rohit Tomar Noida Chapter 10:00 AM To 10:45 AM EST

Join us on March 10 with Jin Vincent Necesario to learn about JavaScript and The DOM Tree.


In this C# Corner MVP Show episode, we have with us Jin Vincent Necesario to talk about JavaScript and the Document Object Model API. In this session, we are not just going to build sites. We will take a close look at the DOM of the webpage and how we can interact with the DOM.



  • Characteristics of an element
  • NodeType
    • Element Node
    • Attribute Node
    • Text Node
    • Node Value
  • Document object
    • Document methods
      • Element Selection
        • getElementById
        • querySelector
        • getElementsbyClassName
        • getElementsByTagName
        • querySelectorAll
      • createElement
      • createTextNode
    • Element object
      • Element Manipulation
        • innerContext
        • innerText
        • innerHTML
        • setAttribute
        • getAttribute
      • Traverse DOM
        • firstElementChild
        • lastElementChild
        • children[index]


From this session, Attendees able to interact with the DOM of HTML page using Vanilla JavaScript, no frameworks because it is nice to know the native method call to understand the JavaScript language better.



Chapter Leader

Stephen Simon

C# Corner Regional Community Director (India & Asia Pacific Region)

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