Learn Azure API Management

Praveen Moosad Bengaluru Chapter January 20, 2018 6:00 PM (IST)

C# Corner Bengaluru Chapter announces a new webinar on "Azure API Management".

Where: Online

Price: Free of cost

Note: There are 100 seats only. First come first serve.

  • Overview and Provisioning of Service
  • Benefits of API Management
  • Provisioning Sample API
  • Applying Policies
  • Protecting APIs with Rate Limit and JWT Token
  • Policy Expressions
  • Caching Output
  • Configuring Custom Domain Name
  • Authentication with Azure AD 
Queries concerning your registration should be addressed to chapters@c-sharpcorner.com


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Vignesh Ganesan

I’m a SharePoint and Office 365 Technical Manager with 7 years of experience and I’m a C Sharp Corner MVP as well . I’ve always been a great fan of Microsof ...

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