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Rockin' The Code World with dotNetDave - Episode 24

Rohit Tomar Noida Chapter 1:00 PM To 2:00 PM EDT

Join us on May 8 with Kira Weiss on Rockin' The Code World with dotNetDave - a weekly show to learn & live Q&A on .NET and other programming technologies.


  • Introduction
  • Prize Give-a-ways!
  • The Interview: Kira Weiss will include discussing:
    • Visual Studio – Large solutions/opening code/Solution Filters.
    • Starting as a new grad from college during a pandemic.
    • Attending the Grace Hopper Program.



Kira Weiss is a Program Manager at Microsoft, who works on Visual Studio. Kira is currently focusing on the experience of opening code in Visual Studio, particularly for large solutions and code bases with performance issues. She graduated from Claremont McKenna College (majoring in Computer Science through Harvey Mudd College) in May 2020, and started at Microsoft in the fall. Previously Kira also interned as a front-end software engineer at both Intuit and Radiflow and was on the audience development team at TechCrunch. Kira is excited to be working on a product that enables developers to be more productive and create exciting new technologies!


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