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add checkbox column to listview and disable it

Oct 1 2014 7:59 AM

hi everybody

 I am using windows ce 5.0, VS 2008, C#  and developing mobile app.  This tech is a little bit old but I must continue to use it because of handheld computer.

In my project,  I have been using the ListView. I have to add one column as a checkbox to the Listview. 
I would like make the checkboxes  invisible or visible  depends on condition . For example ;if product expired checkbox must be visible and clickable
if not expired checkbox should be invisible. 
I found Listview.Checkboxes and displayed besides item  but  I could not make disable or invisible the checkboxes when the condition  become true
I could not see any this type of properties 
Thank you in advance
I am looking forward to seeing answer from you.
Thanks alot.