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An error occurred during local report processing in rdlc

Oct 18 2016 6:00 PM

Hi All,

 I am trying to show the rdlc report in the report viewer. Its works fine in local but after publish & moved to the Azure shared server it throwing the following error.
 "An error occurred during the local report processing"
The report definition for "ReportPath/reportname.rdlc"  it has been specified could not find a file in "ReportPath/reportname.rdlc". 
but it has included in the folder.
after searching a long time, I found the below solution.
In the rdlc file properties check and change the anyone of below two properties.
1.  Set the "Build Action" as "Content" then use "reportname.rdlc" in LocalReport.ReportPath Property.
2.  2. Set "Copy to Output Directory" to "Copy always" or "Copy if newer" then use "bin\reportname.rdlc" in LocalReport.ReportPath Property.
It will fix the above problem. 

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