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Angularjs/jquery:<tfoot> not displayed in every print page

Jul 6 2017 2:52 AM
hi friends,

I have printed functionality. My task i have to show header and footer in every page . i tried to solve this but i couldn't able to done this. bit i got result from one end . header has displayed perfectly in every page but footer was not showed in every page it showed only on end of the print page
<pre><table>         <thead>             <tr>                 <td>                     <img src="../../../../../Content/images/logoheader.png" style="width:100%;height:70px;" />                 </td>             </tr>         </thead>                  <tbody>             <tr>                 <td>                     <img src="' + data + '" />                 </td>             </tr>         </tbody>                 <tfoot>             <tr>                 <td>                     <img src="../../../../../Content/images/logoFooter.png" style="width:100%;" />                 </td>             </tr>         </tfoot>     </table>
then ,
thead { display:table-header-group;}tfoot { display:table-footer-group;}

i've used this code. but i didn't get my results. if anyone knows how to display footer in every page while printed the page .please tell me thanks for advance 

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