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Abdullah Quzmar

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ArcObject using #c integrated with Network ericssion (NE)

Jul 9 2019 2:27 AM
I am working on application that take a shapefiles after dragging them then take the data and must put them on the suitable featureclass , I got stuck on two point the first one is how to take the value of fields in one row not filed by field for example x[1]  contain 22 value (fields value and x[2] the second row .... I used the featurebuffer but it doesnot working .
the second point is how to create features and put them on the featureclass and you must know that the feature class from somthing called NE  company and they have a documntation guide but I didnt find anything for create and insert value on the features .
 how I can create features on featureclass (I have 5 featureclass NE.span,NE.structure, ) when try to create feature it create it on the shapefile not on the featureclass 
you can see a small chunck of my code for one selected file on the attached file 
Please help me 
Thank you