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ASP. Net C# Web Not Secure Error & Subsequent Issues

Jun 11 2021 7:34 AM

I took an html template for an E-commerce Website. Which is made using bootstrap 4. I had two computers on which we were developing and debugging the Web. Using Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition. The Web debugs without any errors / issues. On these two systems. We tried the same project Using same VS on two other laptops with similar configurations. But on both of those laptops, all browsers; Chrome, Edge and Opera show "Web Not Secure Warnings". And gives "Invalid Postback Error" that can be seen in the screenshot.

Secondly, it wont let a secure connection with Gmail SMTP to send simple emails. Which also are getting sent using the other computers and the same browsers; Chrome, Edge and Opera.

Searched the web a lot. But there are multiple reasons and multiple solutions.

Trying them as well.

Any help would be appreciated. If anyone can help identify the core issue and its proper solution.

Thanks in Advance

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