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asp.net forms are not opening in the google chrome

Oct 9 2017 2:39 AM

Hi All,

I use applications that generate pdf files with ASPX extensions. All was fine until a couple of weeks ago, when they stopped opening. They still open fine in IE 8. Chrome just opens a blank screen - white at first and black if I click to re-load it. I don't recall installing anything new, but there must be something presenting a conflict.

My OS is Windows 7
I'm on a 64 Bit box
Chrome is 5.0.375.86
Acrobat is Acrobat Pro Extended (9.3.2).

I've looked around and found several other people with the same problem. I tried their suggestions with no success. These include:

1. Uninstall / Reinstall Chrome
2. Uninstall / Reinstall Acrobat
3. Resizing windows
4. Setting the preferences in Acrobat to open web pages in the browser and trying again setting it not to open in the browser (neither worked).
5. Making sure that there are no duplicate Acrobat programs installed

I don't have any download managers installed.

From what I've read, Google seems to be aware of this problem but doesn't offer any solutions. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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