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Mar 13 2013 12:27 PM
Dear All,             
                       (ASP.NET USING C# CODING)

        I designed one form with the following tools in ASP.NET:

         label 1(Select your branch)   Dropdownlist 1(Select,MCA,OR&CA)

          label 2(MCA)                                              label 3(OR&CA)
      Dropdownlist 2(Select,Sem1,sem2)               Dropdownlist 3(Select,sem1,sem2,sem3)   

here when i select my branch is MCA from DropDownlist1 then the label2 and dropdownlist2 must be visible and when i select my branch is OR&CA then the label 3 and dropdownlist3 must be invisible.

kindly send me codings for this yaar..
I will be very much thankfull to you..

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