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Oct 14 2013 1:43 PM
hi my name is megala i'm 2nd year IT student  last week i received my question paper from my lecturer it's all  lab exercise.. the question is below :

Implement the following changes:

Your webpage application will allow the user to enter the details for any number of people on one page and another page (Use the About) should display the details.


Hint 1: To achieve this use a generic list or an array list to hold the instances of the person objects that you are creating by clicking the button and use a session to store the list. Don't forget about boxing and unboxing.

Hint 2 : You can use a listbox on the About page and you can add elements through the Items property

For example:  ListBox1.Items.Add(inputString )

i dont know how to create this part ...pls help me

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