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Basic question about data storage, array/dict/list/etc

Oct 16 2011 8:56 PM
OK, I'll admit.  My mind is fried, lol.  Trying to find the best way to store some data.  They are structured as follows:

Agency [DPW - West Broadway Facility]:
  OU: OU=DPW,DC=server,DC=com
  Security: CN=DPW Users,OU=DPW,DC=server,DC=com
               CN=Water Facility,OU=DPW,DC=server,DC=com
               CN=West Side,OU=Regions,DC=server,DC=com

So far the best I can think of is doing string[,] agencies = new string[40,3].  Then I could do it like:

agencies[1,0] = "DPW - West Broadway Facility";
agencies[1,1] = "OU=DPW,DC=server,DC=com";
agencies[1,2] = "CN=DPW Users,OU=DPW,DC=server,DC=com;CN=Water Facility,OU=DPW,DC=server,DC=com;CN=West Side,OU=Regions,DC=server,DC=com";

I can then just split on ; for facet 2.  While this will work, it doesn't strike me as very elegant.  However, the dictionary/arraylist/etc all seem to just be 1 key correlated to 1 value.  Unless I'm just missing something, which is entirely possible lol.

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