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Blazor Server - simple order managament

Jun 29 2022 7:41 AM

Hello guys,

I am very new to Blazor and trying to implement a simple order management system with ASP.NET Core Blazor Server.

In the core business, there will be orders, order details, vendors, and customers entities. Certain business rules are, that there will be adding, updating, listing, and soft deletion for all entities. Orders can also be added to the database via excel import. Generating PDFs based on vendors for every single order. (An order can have multiple order details - product id, product name, vendor, shipment number, order amount, cost, status etc.) For importing orders/order details via excel, how should I design classes/models? After excel import (orders/order details data can be 15 columns) how can I fit all of the columns (or any other ideas) on the page? And last but not least, there should be roles for the users in order to do some operations like editing or adding. Is there a way to authorize users based on data? Let's say after excel import, x role user can update the status of the order detail but can not soft delete the order detail, etc. I am planning to use SQL express 2019.

It's a bit confusing, but I hope I can explain what I need in general. I think you can guide me on this journey.

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