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C# application to communicate with Safe Net HSM device

May 20 2014 4:24 AM
I need to create an application in c# which will communicate with SafeNet's HSM Device. Since i need to follow PKCS#11 Standards.So programming in c# with vendor provided SDK is little bit difficult. So I found an API called NCryptoki . Using their GUI interface to create keys , slots etc. i just created a key pair(Public & Private). then exported the Public key to a file.
So my application would be an intermediate application between other application and the HSM device. We will share the public keys (file which i exported) to the client. So when an a client request to connect with the HSM device. They would send this key file along with the request.
Now i need to validate this key by checking any particular token holds this public key. When i read that file from code it is in encrypted format. I don't have any idea how to decrypt that. I got stuck in this step. So please any one help me out to do this.
I am just a beginer in this Section (cryptography,certificates, keys etc.) so please replay me if i am in a wrong way.
Thanks & Regarads Akhil lal

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