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C# code to auto copy new photos from connected Iphone?

Apr 23 2018 12:50 PM

I'm trying to write a simple C# program for a client that will monitor an Iphone that is connected to his Windows PC via USB cable. If it detects a new picture taken then it automatically copy the picture over to a directory on the PC. Can such a feat be done? I know I have to use Portable Device APIs to access smartphones from Windows, and I found some sample code on how to enumerate through a connected device and copy files. I just don't know what's involved (or if its possible) to monitor a connected device for any new photos taken in real time, and to get enough information on the new photos to copy them over (without having to enumerate through the whole device again).

Can anyone help? Sample code would be appreciated as I am fairly novice C# coder.

Failing that, is there instead some application that will do the same thing for me (i.e. monitor a connected iPhone, automatically copy over new photos taken)? I know there are ways to do this manually (i.e. drag and drop photos as they appear), but need to do this automatically without user intervention.

Thanks in advance!


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