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C# Corner Moderators Wanted

Nov 3 2012 10:38 PM
Alright! It is about time. We need more moderators on C# Corner. Our editors are running out of time to keep up with the pace of the activity. 

We are looking for a few moderators on the website. 

What a Moderator would do?
Moderators responsibilities include editing articles, monitor forum posts, catch and punish spammers and anything else to improve the community.

How to qualify to become a Moderator? 
We are looking for serious members who know what a community is all about and how to live in a community. If you are one of they guys who likes to believe in good KARMA and believe in helping people and learn. There will also be some monthly meetings with C# Corner Editors and other team members. 

How to apply?
Just let us know here.

When do they start?
We plan to have a few moderators by the year end and hopefully they will actively be involved starting Jan 01, 2013. 

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