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C# 2008 linq to sql paramters

Jan 5 2013 5:12 PM
After I parse out a company name and contact name from an excel spreadsheet 2010, I need to query a sql server 2008 r2 database, to obtain more information that is needed for processing. My problem is the  name and/or contact name that is obtain from the file name, may be different than the actual value in the database.

For example the company name obtained from the file name may look like:
'Blue group' however the actual file company name in the database may be
'Blue (of northeast) group' or 'Blue inc'?

Note: I am told that the combination of company name, contact name will be distinct enough so I can obtain the database rows I am looking for.

Thus can you tell me how I could use linq to sql to query the database using the company name with the value obtain from the filename where the database value could be different?

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