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Changing location of my ms access 2007 db means can't update records

Dec 16 2010 6:13 AM

Hi guys,
i have a problem with my MS Access db 2007 called MIS Pro, when the database is resided in my visual studio project under, MIS Project\bin\Debug\dbname..... i can easily run the application and enter some data into my db. However, when i place the actual database in a completely different location say, C:\Program Files\Free2Learn\MIS Pro\ and change the sql data source to:
Data Source =C:\Program Files\Free2Learn\Mis Pro.accdb "
and run the application and insert data again i get an error: Operation must use an updateable query. pointing to the following line:
can somebdoy tell me why i get this error messasge when i start changing the location of the database from that of the \bin\debug folder to the new location and how i can rectify this?
I also changed the the file permissions for the folder Free2Learn to allow all the users have 'Full Control' but it still does not seem to work

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