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ckEditors Autofocus

Mar 5 2019 5:17 AM
How do I to set cursor position in the selected ckeditor by providing id to the ckeditors list?
I am having 7 ckeditor in my page and a side menu containing the name/title provided to the ckeditor.I want to set the cursor/setfocus to the selected ckeditor by clicking the title/name of the ckeditor from side menu.
I have used the following:
Code 1:
//Giving error : scrollIntoView is not a function
var element = editor.document.getById('id');
var range;
range = editor.createRange();
range.moveToPosition(element, CKEDITOR.POSITION_AFTER_START);
Code 2:
onReady(event: any) //giving error : cannot read property focus of undefined
setTimeout(() => event.editor.focus(), 1000);
please help me out with this

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