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Closing a window and refreshing another page

Jan 2 2009 7:32 AM


In my site for the users to upload their images, I am using file uploader.

When the users click on the link in Users.aspx for uploading the image, I open a new small window to upload their images as follows-

string popupScript = "<script language='javascript'>" +
"window.open('ImageUploading.aspx', 'CustomPopUp', " +
"'width=200, height=200, menubar=yes, resizable=no')" +

Page.RegisterStartupScript("PopupScript", popupScript);
Once the user has uploaded the image successfully, I have a button for the user to press close this window in
ImageUploading.aspx. What functionality do I need to write to close the window? 
When the user closes ImageUploading.aspx it should refresh Users.aspx page so that then only the user can view the image which he/she has uploaded recently.
How to refresh Users.apx? 


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