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Communication between two forms

Jun 5 2019 7:22 PM
Giuseppe Russo... I was trying to use part of your code in my application but the result was futile. I was wondering if you could help me resolve the problem...
I am creating Windows Forms Application believe to be called a singleton program design.
This is using a main form with differents options for the user to select.

These options in turn all have their corresponding forms with unique function attached.
When the main form executes and the user select an option, the option form is then hidden
away from the user (as oppose to close) until its selected again. Note.. ITS NOT CLOSED.

My question is:- how to pass data from say.... a form thats got a text box with data to
another form thats got a listview box... basically updating the listview box.
All of the examples I have seen creates new instances of forms which is not ideal in my case.
I tried creating an event handler but have hit a buffer/brickwall
Thanks in advance 

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