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CreateUserWizard issues

Jul 23 2009 4:54 AM

I have created a registration page using createuserwizard. But i have a few issues and questions which i hope you guys can help me with

I have created an sql server db which holds values.

1. Before creating the database i just did some testing on the registration. I thought that if i dont put items into the database then it would not check for username. But when i enter a username which i have entered into the form before i displays message 'Use another username'. The only thing i have on is autocomplete which saves all the names entered. So how can i get around this?

2. I want to remove the security questions and answer from the registration form. I added into my web.config the line for aspnetsqlprovider to not to ask for question. I have left the question and answer box visible on the page but i do not know why it still states that it requires a question and answer

3. How can i move the succesful completion page to another page as i have login form on the same page so that still shows on completion.

sorry fro so many questions im quite new to .net



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