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Creating Nested Folder in SP13 Doc Library using K2 Wokflow

Jun 27 2016 2:13 AM
Hello Folks,
Can anyone help me here on this task.
I have to create nested folder in SP document library (Library B) when list item gets added into SP list (List A) using K2 Workflow
EX:List A, Library B.
Suppose user adds item "Project Name" in List A then workflow should create a main folder in Library B with following  nested folders
Project Name-> Dev folder, QA Folder,UAT folder .
(So Under Project folder 3 sub folder it should create when workflow triggers)
I was able created  one folder 'Project Name' in library using 'Create Folder' object in Document Workflow steps.
Can any one help me and guide how to create nested folder in SP Library ?
Thanks in advance

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