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Feb 21 2011 4:13 PM
What about Curry? Can we talk about Curry here (in the Coffee, Chai Lounge)?

As best as I remember, when I was young Curry was not hot but now it is always hot. I know that Curry is a combination of spices and the combination varies. I ask people what I should know or ask for to get Curry that is not hot and people don't know; not even people from India.

I live in Los Angeles. I was in a store here and I bought some mild Curry. It is a little more hot than I prefer. So other than asking for mild Curry, does anyone know what to ask for to get Curry that is not hot?

Something related to this is that around here at least, "spicy" means hot and it is frustrating that it seems that the only spices that seem to be used when something is spicy is Chilli and Salt (yes, Salt is not really a spice). I want other spices and it is frustrating that spicy usually only refers to Chili.

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