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Data Binding

Oct 1 2009 5:35 AM

I was wondering if anyone can help me with this.

I have a usercontrol - UserControl1.xaml and in the code behind I have 3 properties, - one is a observable collection of strings, and the other two are observablecollection<observablecollection<string>>(), so that a collection of strings inside a collection.

So now i have listview with its view a gridview.

And I have 3 columns - name, choice, params
For the name field i have bound the collection of sttrings , and for the other two i want them to be presented as a combo box and as hyperlinks.

So my columns are - string, combobox, hyperlinks

So foreach string in the middle colliection i want my combo box to be populated with the strings in the collection. And for the last column i want the strings in the collection be in a text box but all of them are now individual hyperlinks.

Any ideas of binding individual columns of the gridview to different properties and allowing these bindings to be collections of collections?

Thanks in advance.


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