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Datagridview with object binding (using the wizard)

Feb 22 2012 4:40 PM

First of all I want to make clear that I am new in the field of using the current generation of sofware.
I have been a C programmer for many years and have therefore no problems with understanding basic principles

Concerning my problem
All solutions concerning datagridview binding to objects i could find sofar are without making use of the wizard.
I make use of a class Form1 and a subclass Printer. the Printer class has some properties.
Binding this Form1.Printer object does not pose a problem in the wizard and the dgv seems to behave correctly
I can see that the Printer class is passed for every new row in the grid and also that the index is changing indicating that there is a new row object

The problem I had in retrieving the row object for storage in a file has been solved but I am still puzzled about the way the dgv is creating a new row since I do not interfear in that proces. The rows however do exist.

Help is appreciated

Kind regards

Jan Brouwer