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differential and full backup

Oct 19 2018 5:14 AM
hy can any one please let me know how can i schedule full  and difirential backup side by side .i can schedule full backup that i know but i want for few days diffrential and fullbackup to go side by side , as i new to database if some how diffrential not work i can upload diffrential backup.
differential -suppose for  diffrential i take fullbackup today and schedule daily differential  but twist here is how what if some any how take again full back in some other  directory then i will not able to restore dababase,as diffrential is taken after last fullbackup . so i want differential backup should be schedule in that way so it can take differential back from the last back up which i have taken,so if anyone take full bak after my back up i will not have to worry.  if any one have script please do let me know .

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