Display script as text

Sep 25 2020 1:23 PM
I have 2 web form pages.Page 1 collects user information using text boxes. Page 2 displays the users information entered in page 1.I have a text box on page 1, this collects the users first name and stores in a class propertyMyClass.Firstname = txtFirstName.TextOn page 2 I use a literal control to display the first namelitName.Text = MyClass.Firstname;This all is fine but then I test it adding some scripts to the textbox and go to page 2. When I go to page 2 it executes the script but I want it to show it as text and not run the scriptI triedlitName.Text = Server.HtmlEncode(MyClass.Firstname);But this still executes the script. How can i just display this as text? Also if I do encode/decode the text and the user goes back to page 1 if they entered a script tag on page 1 and they go back the text shows as<script>how could I display this back to the correct format. Appreciate if anyone could give me an example to follow.

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