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Displaying user controls using OnDataBound

Apr 8 2019 5:19 AM
I have created two buttons using User controls
<input type="submit" value="Meeting Ended" align="center" style=" width: 120px; display: <%#(MeetingStatus) ? "inline" :"none"%>" class="buttonnew" />
<input type="submit" value="Completed" align="center" style="width: 120px; display: <%#(MeetingEnd) ? "inline" :"none"%>" class="buttonnew" /> 
Need to display them based upon this condition:
protected void dvControl_DataBound(object sender, EventArgs e)
foreach (DataRow row in _DataSource.Rows)
if (row["MEETING_ENDTIME"].ToString() != "")
MeetingStatus = false;
MeetingEnd = true;
MeetingStatus = true;
MeetingEnd = false;

but its binding based upon data table's last row.
I need to bind based upon 
if (row["MEETING_ENDTIME"].ToString() != "") .
It's taking last row values and displaying all fields based upon that. But i need to execute the condition for each and every  row

How to fix it?
Thanks in advance! 

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