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Does C# support struct bit definitions?

Sep 19 2013 7:19 AM
Does C# support struct bit definitions?. 
For example is there a way to declare a structure like this in

typedef struct


    UINT16 SrcPort;

    UINT16 DstPort;

    UINT32 SeqNum;

    UINT32 AckNum;

    UINT16 Reserved1:4;

    UINT16 HdrLength:4;

    UINT16 Fin:1;

    UINT16 Syn:1;

    UINT16 Rst:1;

    UINT16 Psh:1;

    UINT16 Ack:1;

    UINT16 Urg:1;

    UINT16 Reserved2:2;

    UINT16 Window;

    UINT16 Checksum;

    UINT16 UrgPtr;


Please help me to solve this issue? It is very urgent.

How can we set bit position in a C# Structure ?

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