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Execution Timeout Expired.

Jul 6 2018 2:34 AM
Hi freinds, ac
I got error when i execute linq query 
 Execution Timeout Expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding linq
this is my query
var folderData = (from f in db.tblFolders
join l in db.tblLibraries on f.LibraryId equals l.LibraryId
join a in db.tblAuthors on f.FolderId equals a.FolderId
join q in db.tblQMOes on f.FolderId equals q.FolderId
join ap in db.tblApprovers on f.FolderId equals ap.FolderId
join rv in db.tblReviewers on f.FolderId equals rv.FolderId
join v in db.tblViewers on f.FolderId equals v.FolderId
where l.LibraryOwner == uids || a.LibraryUserId == uids || f.Owner == uids || q.LibraryUserId == uids || ap.LibraryUserId == uids || rv.LibraryUserId == uids || v.LibraryUserId == uids
select new
id = f.FolderId,
name = f.FolderName,
pId = f.ParentFolderId
I know query i too long but what is the solution for it please suggest its urgent!

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