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Experienced .NET developer is looking for job!

Sep 1 2005 7:02 PM
I am looking for software developer position. Please feel free to contact me with any questions and proposes you may have.

Below is my resume. References are available on request.

Serge Isaev



ICQ: 124663325




To obtain a software developer position that allows me to efficiently utilize my skills, create       or maintain successful and useful product and improve my skills.


SUMMARY: 4 years in commercial software development

·         SOFTWARE:             

·         .NET platform: C#, WinForms, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, COM, interaction with unmanaged code, XML;

·         Visual C++ 6.0: MFC, ATL, ActiveX, COM/DCOM, DirectX;

·         Databases: MS SQL Server, MS Access 97/2000, FoxPro 6, MySQL;

·         Internet: HTML/DHTML, JavaScript, ASP, XML;

·         MS Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP, MS Windows 95/98/ME;

·         Internet Information Server;

·         InstallShield;

·         DevExpress .NET Libraries;

·         PDF Generation

·         SKILLS

·         Object-oriented design (Rational Rose and UML) and programming;

·         Database design(relational databases)

·         Web-related software development;

·         Video and audio capture and processing;

·         Client-server business applications design and development;

·         Multithreading, DLL;

·         Inter-processes communication;

·         Installations development;

·         Signature reader programming and usage in commercial products.




Science Software jsc ( ) ,  11/2003 - 08/2005

Senior Software Developer, responsible for:

·         Projecting, design and communication with customers

·         Team leading, code review

·         Programming, databases design

                                   Related projects:


Project “PathExpert” 5/2005 - 08/2005  Complex medical application for pathology laboratories and hospitals, covering business processes from capturing images from microscopes, reports generation, report templates editing, reports signing and encoding. Data import / export in numerous formats.

·         Design specifications, coding and debugging

·         Database design, database version and update system

·         Communication with customer

·         Architecture design and implementation

·         Team leading

·         Programming

Environment: Visual Studio 7.0, C#, SQL, TWAIN, Rational Rose, DevExpress libraries,  TopazSystems Signature Readers.


Project “Firewall” 02/2005 -5/2005 Personal Firewall Software, consisting from LSP Filter(packet capture application), Filtering Service(data analysis and decision making) and UI application.   

·         Design specifications, coding and debugging.

·         Windows services programming and debugging.

·         TCI/IP network stack programming

·         HTTP packet analysis

Environment: Visual Studio 7.0, C++, C#, TCP/IP, HTTP, Network Protocols


11/2003 – 01/2005

A number of web based business applications. Including: data entering(XML and manual), processing, storing(XML and MSSQL), validation and convention (to PDF documents), interaction with a number of same web applications. Audio recording, compressing, decompressing and resampling component for desktop, web based and PocketPC software. Design specifications, coding and debugging components and test applications. Component is useful as stand-alone application in Internet Explorer 5.0 and higher.  Team leading.

·         Design specifications, coding and debugging.

·         Working with web services.

·         Processing XML using XSLT

·         PDF generation

·         Remote web servers administration

·         Using DirectShow from .NET

·         Optimizing component for PocketPC

·         Using unmanaged code from .NET.

Environment: Visual Studio .NET, C#, ASP.NET, XML, XSLT, PDF, DirectX, DirectShow, COM, using unmanaged code from .NET.


                                    Working as freelancer:

                                    Project, 02/2003 -10/2003

Completed karaoke system designed for young artist to allow them to record songs, adjust backing tracks and vocal and publish recorded songs to the web site. Design specifications, coding and debugging the Virtual Studio software.

·         Design specification, coding and debugging.

·         Design desktop software - web based software data exchange.

·         Developing a number of COM objects:

·         Object for creating and encoding backing tracks

·         Object for serial numbers generation

·         Installation design and coding

·         Project management.

Environment: Visual C++ 6.0, DirectShow(DirectX), COM, ATL, XML, ASP, InstallShield.


                                    Project, 01/2003 – 06/2003

 “Expired Domain Toolkit” is a completed system for domain names extraction, analyze and rating.   It interacts with “Alexa”, “Google”, Overture search engines and generates complete report about domain names popularity, publishes reports locally and to the website.

·         Design, implementation, and debugging the software.

·         Design desktop software -  web based software data exchange.

·         Design, implementation, and debugging the component for editing

Environment: C++, HTTP, MySQL, PHP,  HTML, XML, SQL


                                    Project, 12/2002 – 02/2003

Design specifications, coding and debugging the “TradeBoardBlaster” software. It is software for automatic messages posting to a number of trade sites.

·         Design specification, coding and debugging software.

·         Project management.

Environment: C++, HTTP, MySQL, PHP,  HTML, XML, SQL


                                    Project, 1/2003 – 02/2003

Design specifications, coding and debugging the COM object for manipulation with tags in WMA and MP3 files on the IIS server.

·         Design specifications, COM interfaces.

·         Coding and debugging the COM object.

Environment: VC++ 6.0, COM/DCOM, ATL, Visual Basic, ASP, IIS.


                                    Project, 02/2003 – 06/2003

Design specifications, coding and debugging the document management system for automatic document control. The system collects information about incoming/outgoing document, automates controlling functions and generates a number of reports.

·         Design specifications, algorithms,.

·         Coding and debugging the application.

Environment: Visual FoxPro 6.0, SQL.


                                    Project, 03/2002 – 07/2003

Design specifications, coding, debugging and installing the Keeper software. It is complex video observation system with the following features:  real-time video capture from 12 remote cams, real-time compression and motion detection. Video cams control(rotation, focus, etc). Video library organization, alerts on motion, full control from remote IR device.

·         Design, implementation, and debugging the software

·         Design, implementation, and debugging DirectShow filters(motion detector and adjusting filters)

Environment: VC++ 6.0, ATL, DirectShow, RS-232, RC5.




Bachelor Degree in Computer Science

Specialization: System Analyst        



Fairfield, IA, USA




ICQ: 124663325



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