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File upload control is not visible after rendering new page in Google

Jun 30 2022 12:37 PM

data _null_;
    file _webout;
    put ;
    put '<head>';
    put '<script language="javascript">';
    put '<!--';
    /*put 'window.opener.location.reload();';*/
    put 'window.setTimeout(function () {window.location.reload();}, 30000);';
    /*put 'setTimeout("self.close();",1000)';*/
    put '//-->';
    put '</script>';
    put '</head>';
    put '<br><font FACE=VERDANA SIZE=-1 color=#000000>  The QUALITY COMPLAINT has been updated.';
    put '<br></font>';


when I try to click on Upload Image then File browse in showing in Google Chrome Browser and when I try to open on Internet Explore the It is working Fine so Could you Please help me how 's this will work on google chrome please help