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Folder synchronization program

May 18 2019 8:05 AM
I am interesting in setting up a folder synchronization program with C#.
What the program would do is connect to a server and based on synchronization flags in a configuration file synch the local folder with the remote one.
How would you recommend to do this? What technology would be most fit if not using frameworks.
Would you make an object of each file or just an object of the configuration file with all flags, for exempel flags for skipping certain folders, extensions or delete certain files.  How would you do the searching in the remote server to not need to search it each time a certain flag should be checked?

I am new at programming that why all these questions, have chosing this kind of project since it will require me too both learn how to set up a connection and to handle files. Seems as an all around project to learn the most :)
Am thankfull for any answer. 

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