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Formating the string before displaying in ASP.NET

Apr 29 2010 6:07 AM
In Some cases while displaying a large number it will be nice if we can format the number to a more readable format
Like : Reputation Point : 537456
Can be more readable if we can write it as Reputation Point : 537,456
ASP.NET provide features like String.Format(format,arg0) to format arguments into different forms.
For above solution you can implement

Response.Write(String.Format("{0:#,###}", 123456789));
Which will print 123,456,789

{0:#,###} ? Known as the format string where "{ ,}"are compulsory to mentation.
The first part before ':' represent the argument number & it will be an integer.
The second part after ':' represent the format that you want your argument to be converted.

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