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HELP! Block selectedindexchanged when ComboBox is full

Jan 21 2018 4:54 PM
Everyone, hi, I try to explain my problem.
I am using a 3-tier architecture in my project. In DataBase I have a tablion that holds the Region and Cities, and I register them parametrically. In my main form I also take recorded data. When the user selects the city, the area automatically comes up.
I defined the method in the DAL layer,
At the BLL layer, I triggered the method,
On the Windows Form section,
The process does not give an error, but when I debug, I get the selectedindex value 4 times before entering more value. So, filling the comboBoxes in the main form below seems to be related to the codes I use. Because I clicked to open the main form screen in debug, it starts directly from the debug value does not enter me.
I would like your help. Everyone has good day

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