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HELP HELP..entity framework inserting duplicate records mvc

Sep 12 2018 8:17 AM
thanks for reply bro Sai Kumar Koona
Date, LastUpdate and UserName its everything same record bro.
tranid subid date createdbyusername createddate
1 1 12-09-2018 1 12-09-2018
1 1 12-09-2018 1 12-09-2018
list i have 5 items. but 0 items record only i wnat to insert bro.
in that list iw ant to insert only one record.
listof[0]items => only one record i wnant to insert.
currentdb.saveentity(listof[0]items, true);
i am waiting for ur reply bro.
ex :
\\only insert list of zero items record only.but it inserting dublicate records....
currentdb.saveentity(listof[0]items, true);
but it inserting duplicate records in mvc.
please help me.previously if anybody faced this type of issue.please give me a code.
please provide code this.thank you for your time..

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